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Cinema seats

Cinema seats are one of our most important products, which together with lecture theatre and conference room seats make up a portfolio of quality products with a lot of experience and excellent references. Based on client requirements, our company is able to produce and deliver seats while taking into account individual preferences and the spatial location of the seats.

Our cinema seats are made from organic and environmentally friendly materials. A prerequisite for the high-quality seats we supply is adapting the appearance of the chair to the interior to fulfil the requirements for the dimensions (width, height and depth) of the seats, which are variable based on customer preferences. The seats can be adapted depending on individual requirements, re-upholstered; the padding of seat is made from moulded foam with increased density. According to customer's request it is possible to change not only the colour of the seat cushion, but also the metal parts. Cinema seats can be supplied with a drink holder as well as variable mounting of the seat number and row.